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This blog is intended to keep the members at Wing Point up to date on the course conditions, the challenges we face with weather, the day to day update on projects, and hopefully add some insight to your overall golf experience. The blog will be updated as much as possible. Information on things that may impact your golf experience such as sanding or aeration will be posted as well. Take time to read one of the polls on the side of the page. The results will help us make decisions on course maintenance practices and give us feedback on what you, the members are thinking.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winter is back...and aeration is postponed

What a change!  We had 1.75" of rain over a 24 hour period Sunday/Monday.  The course was pretty dry until that.  The forecast ahead looks pretty wet, which means we will be postponing the greens aeration until the weather turns around.  We were scheduled for Monday, but it may be the following week from what we are looking at.  In circumstances like these, we sit back and wait for a 2 day stretch of dry weather to go ahead and aerate.  It's crucial that the sand remains dry so it can drag into the holes easily.  Wet sand causes bridging in the channels that the aerator produces.  This reduces the efficacy of the process which is trying to fully replace the thatch that is removed with the sand applied afterward.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Front 9 irrigation is done!

We are fully operational on the front 9, putting green, cayman range and short game area.  We should be finishing the back nine in about 3 weeks.  This is well ahead of schedule!  We will be seeding #9, #1, and #2 next week.  We hope to aerate those holes as well, but the weather looks really wet, so we may postpone that. 

The #5 tee complex is complete and it turned out really well.  The mens tees which had very little tee space has been increased from about 800 square feet to about 3,500 square feet.  The hole can now vary in length of up to 25 yards and is about 35 feet wide.  This should make divots a far less problem as well as making the hole more interesting from day to day.  The ladies tees have been moved very close to the cart path with steps to be added very soon.  The drainage around the tees was a big improvement as well.

The #10 green is still making great improvement, but has a couple more weeks to go before we can open it.  A reminder, we will be aerating the greens as usual on Monday, April 5th.  The course is closed that day.  Thank you for the cooperation.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Course Update 3/20

Sprinklers are installed on all of the front nine except hole #2 and the green on #1.  We anticipate getting #1, 2 and 10 finished next week.

We are fully seeded and cleaned up on holes 3 thru 8.  All fairways, tees, collars and aprons are aerated and sanded.  The #5 tee renovation should be sodded by the end of the week.  We will be sodding the tee tops with sod from the 5th fairway.  The surrounds will be seeded.  This approach allows us to use our own Poa Annua grass on the tee tops for a quick and inexpensive turnaround.  The tees should be playable around April 21st when the sod has fully rooted and can handle the daily play. 

Next on the side projects is the new fairway bunker on the right side of #10.  This bunker will likely only affect the long hitters, but should be visually impressive for all players from the tee and clubhouse.  The bunker is already rough shaped and should only take 1 day of solid handwork to get it ready for seeding.  The subgrade is pure gray clay with hardly a rock in site, so we will be adding sand sooner than we normally do since there isn't a need for sodding the bottom.  A sod layer is usually used, then butched down after 3 weeks and sand added.  This creates a barrier so that native soil and rocks don't migrate to the surface. 

In about 2 weeks we will start the work on the ladies 13th tee and the entire 14th tee.  Both will be fairly easy and quick to construct since there is very little dirt to move and most of it will be cut from existing soil.  #5 took so long because much of it was built from spoils left over during the irrigation and drainage work.  Also, we dealt with periodic heavy rainfall which set us back, making the spoils turn to mud. 

#10 green looks like it will make a full recovery!  We now have about 60-70% turf.  we aearted it with 3/8" solid tines again this week.  That was the 5th time we aerated #10 green since January 1st!!!!  That is the biggest reason for it's turnaround.  I think it will be ready for play in mid to late April without needing any significant sod work. 

We are going crazy with the wildflowers this year.  We had such great success with them 2 years ago in front of #13 green, we decided to see how they will do in these other natural areas...
  • front of #13 green
  • front of #11 mens tee
  • all around the pond between #10 and 18
  • all around the 18th tee area where the wood chips are
  • the water hazard between #12 and 13
  • the water hazard across #14 fairway
  • in front of the #16 tees
  • around a few stumps on #12 near the green, #13 near the tees, and to the right of #15 along the cart path
  • to the right of #6 ladies tees
  • behind the 8th green along the cart path and around the 4th tee area
All of these areas are either out of play, or in a water hazard.  They will be left natural all summer as long as the flowers maintain their color.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

230 sprinklers installed

That's right, we have 230 sprinklers in the ground!  Milroy moves pretty fast.  Holes 3 - 8 are completed.  We will be coming in behind him over the next 3 - 4 days for cleanup, seeding, aerating and sanding.  We have already aerated the 4th and 8th fairways.  We sanded nearly all of the rough on those holes to go along with a good heavy application on the fairways.  They really needed the extra sand since we had to skip sanding in fall due to financial constraints.  We will stick to the plan of sanding only on sunny to partly sunny days so that the sand can be worked in effectively when it's dry.  Once again, thanks for all your patience.  It will be well worth it for decades to come when our golf course remains in beautiful condition throughout the summer months.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Start of aeration

We will begin aerating tees, fairways and aprons today.  As Milroy finishes a hole, we will aerate that hole about 1 day later and then topdress as well.  We will only be doing 1 hole per day.  This allows us to start aerating sooner than we planned, as well as creating a mess just as the contractor is done doing the same.  We will also seed any bare ground the day we aerate.  Once we are done, then we are done for the season.  The greens will still be aerated in early April as planned.  This process means that by mid April both Milroy and aerating are done at the same time, allowing for a quicker overall recovery.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Aerating FYI

We are aerating the greens that were affected by the winter blues again this week.  They include the putting green, #1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.  They will be rolled out the same day.

Milroy Golf Systems...start to finish

Step 1:  Vibratory plow pipe and wire leaving a thin raised slit in the turf

Step 2:  Cut pipe, glue on fittings, splice wire connections, install sprinkler

Step 3:  Backfill around sprinkler, securing wires and setting sprinkler to grade

Step 4:  Lay sod around sprinkler and vibratory roll the plowed ditch line back to grade leaving just a 2" slit in the turf to throw seed over.  Recovery time for the slit is about 21 days, just like a divot.

#10 Green slowly coming around

January 8th...Ouch!

Today...better, but far from OK!