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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few updates


The greens have been aerated...for the most part.  We had a surprise delivery of the Kiln Dried sand on Monday.  The delivery was called off last Wednesday due to the forecast this week, unfortunately the message never got to dispatch!  I was by myself shaping the new bunker on #10 Monday morning when my mechanic called me and said the sand was here...I thought he was kidding with me since he knew we weren't expecting it.  He does that sometimes when he knows I'm stressed to lighten my mood.  This time he wasn't kidding and it didn't lower my stress level!  I had NO plans on aerating since last Wednesday when I called off the order. Oh well...

So, we decided to accept the delivery, all be it reluctantly.  The weather was OK Monday so we decided to drop everything we were doing and just go for it...we got 1 1/2 greens done and then it started raining.  Tuesday was cloudy and there was severe weather 2 blocks north of the golf course all the way to Hansville, but we got lucky and stayed dry.  We finished 6 greens.  Today was suppose to be 56 degrees and sunny...NOT!!!!  We got all the greens we wanted to do excpet #11 and #13.  It started raining about 2 o'clock and wasn't letting up, so we had to quit. 

The shady greens that don't accumulate thatch through the winter, #4, 10 and 15 were going to be done differently anyway.  So, we got almost all of them done.  We'll finish the rest when the rain stops.  The new process we are doing is very slow and my personality certainly doesn't fit it's tedious nature, but the end result should be much better with a much faster recovery time.  Stay tuned on that...

The process:
  1. Aerate with 1/2" diameter tines spaced 2"x1.5" apart.  The traditional method was 5/8" diameter spaced 2"x2" apart.  More holes closer together + smaller holes = same amount of material removed, but more potential for holes closing if driven on before sanding.
  2. We never drive a vehicle over holes that have not been filled with sand.
  3. All sand (Kiln Dried which has zero moisture content) is worked into the holes by using the backside of a wide rake, nothing else.
  4. No vehicle is driven over the newly aerated turf until all holes are filled.
  5. Double verticut at 1/8" depth to create more area for sand to settle into the turf canopy.
  6. Drag a cocoa fiber mat over the green to brush the sand into the canopy.
  7. Allow Mother Nature to water the sand in, or handwater the green to achieve the same effect.
The result???  No excess sand left on the green to be "worked in" for the following 3-4 days.  I am hoping the process will equate to a healthier root zone (more holes) and a smoother/faster recovery (smaller holes + less excess sand).


Milroy has finished all of #17, 18, 11 and #12 tee.  If the weather isn't too bad tomorrow, they will finish #12.  That will leave #13 tee and  fairway, #14 fairway, and #10 fairway.  They should be done by next Thursday.  That will only leave some cleanup and a couple of days of tests and fixing issues.

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