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This blog is intended to keep the members at Wing Point up to date on the course conditions, the challenges we face with weather, the day to day update on projects, and hopefully add some insight to your overall golf experience. The blog will be updated as much as possible. Information on things that may impact your golf experience such as sanding or aeration will be posted as well. Take time to read one of the polls on the side of the page. The results will help us make decisions on course maintenance practices and give us feedback on what you, the members are thinking.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming to an end...

My blog will soon be hung up for good, well at least this one.  In the next couple months Wing Point will have a new website which will feature a Greens Department section under the members only part of the site.  It will basically take the place of this.  The new website will be a one stop shop, so to speak.  Members will be able to view their statements, pay their Wing Point bill, make reservations, check the events calendar, and of course have the opportuntiy to read the goings on in the Greens Department.  All signs point to the new website being a major upgrade on many levels.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the insight I've tried to give on the things we've done.  The funny thing is, the time I've been doing this blog, we've actually needed something like this to communicate things about winter turf loss and project updates.  I certainly had plenty to tell the members that were interested in reading my blabber.  I had fun with it and look forward to continuing it.  To all those non Wing Point secret admirers out there, and you know who you are, you'll have to call me if you really care to know what we're doing at Wing Point.

One more thing, who is this crazy person that posts all the comments in Japanese text???????  I haven't figured it out.

See you soon on the new Wing Point website...