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This blog is intended to keep the members at Wing Point up to date on the course conditions, the challenges we face with weather, the day to day update on projects, and hopefully add some insight to your overall golf experience. The blog will be updated as much as possible. Information on things that may impact your golf experience such as sanding or aeration will be posted as well. Take time to read one of the polls on the side of the page. The results will help us make decisions on course maintenance practices and give us feedback on what you, the members are thinking.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sprinklers have been installed!

Today we were able to install 20 sprinklers as a "warm up" for the contractors crew going into next week.  The heads were put in around #4 tee and #8 green area.  We also had the mainline up and running under full pressure with no leaks.  Milroy will be installing sprinklers next week on holes 4-8.  The process is very non invasive and recovery time should be very short.

We are extremely pleased with the progression of the greens conditions.  #10 is still pretty bad so we will overseed it tomorrow.  I think we've seen about as much recovery as possible from the native Poa, so it's time to incorporate some other variety to fill in the voids until the Poa can fully take over again which should be sometime in June. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some cleanup begins

I started spreading out all of the mounds of dirt left behind from the ditches.  I should be done today, just ahead of the rain!  We will rock pick the dirt, top it off with a dusting of sand, and then seed all the areas.  The mainline is still really rough and will remain that way for a bit longer.  Many of the ditches were backfilled with mud which is still settling out.  I began rough shaping the 5th tee complex and we hope to get started on it this week.  A bunker has been shaped on the right side of the 10th fairway.  This should look fanatstic from the tee and clubhouse as well as tighten the landing area for the long hitters.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Check this statistic out from KOMO Weather

Updated Friday 1:00 p.m.

...it is shaping up to be the first official sunny weekend in Seattle since Aug. 1-2!* (* -- we were really close on Dec. 26/27, with 27th rating a '4' in cloud cover, which is one point over sunny. An official sunny day is 0-3 tenths cloud cover, partly sunny is 4-7 and cloudy is 8-10. The 26th was a 0, meaning totally clear.)

The temperature that weekend in August? 90 and 89 (coming off that massive end-of-July heat wave). So this should be a bit more comfortable.

It's also way overdue -- did you know the "best" day in January rated a '7' on the cloudy scale?


Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, we've been pretty busy with lots of drainage projects.  The irrigation is going great.  Monday will be the final day of the mainline installation.  We will probably start installing sprinkler heads sometime next week.  Our own greens crew has been hard at work installing drainage in some of the really wet and hard to get to areas.  We rented a mini excavator for 2 weeks and were able to do work on #4, 5, 8 (curtain drain in front of the green to eliminate puddling), #10 (3 curtains drain behind the green to eliminate puddling), #11 and 14.  Many of the other areas that still remain will be done with our own trencher.  We hope to install drainage on #1, 2, 17 and 18 in a few weeks if those holes continue to dry up enough to do the work.

The large pine tree by the right side of the Clubhouse was heavily pruned in hopes of getting more sunlight to the putting green.  We talked about removing it, but there is an unsightly light pole amongst the limbs and if removed it, we felt it would be quite ugly.  The tree looks much cleanier, however sunlight penetration was not improved at all by the pruning.  Unfortunately the tree shades much of the putting green through the morning hours and results in weaker turf. 

The greens are looking really good.  Still some thin areas on a few greens that sufffer from heavy shade problems.  #10 is looking better as well.  I will snap a photo tomorrow and post it for comparison to how it looked 45 days ago.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving right along...and the greens are open for play!!!!!

Milroy is cruising right along with the mainline installation.  We are 75% complete on the mainline.  The weather is looking pretty wet over the next week, so we may stop running mainline and start pulling the lateral lines and setting sprinkler heads.  During periods of wet weather, there is far less disruption and mud from running laterals as opposed to the mainline.  Most laterals are "plowed" underground with minimal surface disruption.

We've also installed 3000 feet of drain lines over the past 2 weeks.  Most of #7 fairway, the really wet area between the #4 tee and start of the fairway, the swail in the #4 fairway, #5 fairway along the left, and the new nursery green we are building to the left of the ladies tee on #11.  We plan on putting in about 7000 more feet of drain lines over the next 6 weeks.  Other areas will be the beginning of #1 fairway, most of the #2 fairway, #18 fairway, #17 fairway, a few spots on #13 and 14 fairways, and parts of #11 around the green and as you walk from the tee to the green.  This is quite ambitious, but we think we'll have the time to get it done.

We are opening every green except the 10th green on Friday the 12th.  I feel the greens are definately in a good growing state right now.  We've had very good weather to go along with all of our cultural practices we performed.  Many greens still have thin areas, however they are no longer too weak to hold up to foot traffic.  We are back to mowing nearly every day, which tells us the plant is strong and healthy again.  We have seen daily improvement even with mower traffic on them, so I feel it's OK to open them.  We will not be using pin numbers until after we aerate in April.  I want the staff to be in full control of steering golfers away from the injured areas when setting the pins.  If we use numbers, then we will be handcuffed to areas we would not want the pin to be in. 

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.  The 10th green was hit very hard and we have massive turf loss.  We will continue to promote as much Poa annua to return before we decide to overseed with a different variety of grass.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aerating a few greens this week....

We will be selectively aerating the greens that are still out of play this week. Some will only have portions done in spots where the turf is still thin and weak while a few of them will have the entire green done again. This will be the 3rd time these greens have been aerated since January 1st and is a big reason for their fast recovery. The worst greens, #10, 15 and 16 will have the plugs verticut back into the turf in the hopes that the organic matter and potential seed bank in the soil will help aid the Poa annua to germintae in the thin areas. We will be topdressing all of the greens with a light application on Thursday. Light verticutting and topdressing promotes new growth and offsets the "scum layer" that develops from the dead grass blades after winterkill.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Updates and pictures

The greens are doing very well. Next week looks like even better weather than the last 3 weeks! ArborCom started the tree/shade analysis on the 4th green today. Many trees are numbered for GPS to input into the computer program. The analysis and recommendations will be made on Tuesday evening to both the board of Wing Point Community and Wing Point GCC in order to come to a resolution on the shade problems.
Above are a few pictures of some recent work being done.
  • The top picture is my Assistant Peder Rauen aerating the greens with 3/8" solid tines spaced 1.5" apart to help the greens recover from the winter blues...it's done wonders for the greens. This was the second time we've done this since January 1st.
  • The middle picture is our own crew trenching drain lines on the 7th fairway. We installed about 1500 feet of 4" drain line from the start of the fairway to the 100 yard marker.
  • The bottom picture is Milroy Golf Systems installing the irrigation mainline on #2. They have installed the mainline on 2/3 of the course in just 3 weeks! I am very impressed by their efficiency.